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Mother's Five-Day Celebration

Did you know that while the US celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, most Hispanic countries celebrate it on May 10th?


We want to take this opportunity and celebrate our wonderful moms from May 10 to May 14, 2023!

Take the time to tell your mom how special they are every single day of our five-day celebration, and treat her to her favorite Hacienda San Miguel meal along with our new drink: Mimosas!

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Daily Specials

– delivered by our 5-star service


Happy Hour

Happy Hour is the best hour! Enjoy it every weekday from 2-6pm. Order one of our famous margaritas or a draft beer and enjoy our Happy Hour Special! 
Tacos Al Pastor.webp

Taco Tuesday

Beef, Chicken & Mushroom Single Tacos


Grilled Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Fajita Style, & Birria Single Tacos $3.50

Taco Orders only $14.50!

Taco 'bout a TACO party!

*Not all proteins available.

Mixed Fajitas (1).png

Fajita Night

Fresh Fiery and Flavorful!

Our special Fajitas will delight you, on special every Wednesday.


Margarita Night

Every Thursday $6.99 margaritas all night long


Allow us to cater your next Party!

Chips and Dips Platter 9.jpg

Chips and Dips Platter

Fresh fried tortilla chips and pork rinds, served with cheese dip, salsa, and premium guacamole.

Party Platter 2.jpg

Party Platter

50-piece platter of chicken flautas and quesadillas served with sour cream and salsa.

Wings and Fingers Platter 3 (1).jpg

Wings and Fingers Platter

54-piece platter with wings in three bold flavors: buffalo, bbq, and chipotle, along with crispy chicken strips. Served with ranch, celery, and baby carrots.

Upcoming Events


Let's Salsa!

Did you know that our salsa is prepared fresh each morning?


Based on the season, sometimes our salsa is a little spicier! Nonetheless, our salsa is the perfect pairing for our chips.


Visit us in the month of May and rejoice in the delicious flavor of our salsa! Happy National Salsa Month!

May 2023

Huevos al Gusto 4.jpg

National Egg Month

During the month of May, Eggs are being celebrated! It is the perfect time to give our egg dishes a try!


We have one of the best lunch dishes that contain eggs: Huevos al Gusto! You can choose how your eggs are prepared whether huevos con chorizo or huevos con rancheros! Which one are you getting?

You can also try our chilaquiles! Our chilaquiles are fried corn tortillas covered in green sauce and topped with two fried eggs accompanied by refried beans!

You cannot go wrong with either dish!

May 2023


Mimosas are here!

NEW Drink Alert!

Rise and Shine... It’s Mimosa Time

Rush on over to Hacienda San Miguel for your refreshing glass of mimosa!

Orange you glad that we now have mimosas on our menu?

Pair it with one of our favorite brunchy meals: Huevos al Gusto or Chilaquiles!

*Available at San Miguel Schillinger & San Miguel Theodore.

May 2023

Coctel de Camaron 3.jpg

National Shrimp Day

This year National Shrimp Day falls on May 10, and we are ready to eat shrimp all day!


At San Miguel, we have shrimp dishes as appetizers, sides, and entrees. Start off your meal with a cheesy Shrimp Dip or shrimp ceviche, which is cured in lime juice! For sides, you can order a shrimp tostada, a shrimp taco, a shrimp quesadilla, and even a shrimp burrito!


You can order many entrees that contain shrimp but let us mention a few of our favorites: Shrimp Alambres, Coctel de Camaron, and Camrones a la Diabla.

May 10, 2023

Molcajete 1.jpg

National Eat What You Want Day

Today is the day when you do not have to restrict yourself!


National Eat what you want day comes once a year and you need to take full advantage in order to celebrate!


We know what we are going to eat today! We are stopping by our favorite San Miguel restaurant and ordering a molcajete!

May 11, 2023


Brunch for Lunch Day

Breakfast in Mexico is almost always a mix of simple ingredients – eggs, beans, salsa and tortillas.


Which is the perfect recipe for our Chilaquiles! And let us tell you that Chilaquiles is the perfect Brunch meal! The only thing that can make Brunch for Lunch day even better is Bloody Mary's and guess what? We have Bloody Mary's!


Sounds like the perfect start to the perfect Saturday. Join us May 13, 2023 and enjoy!

May 13, 2023

Apple Rustica (1).jpg

National Apple Pie Day

Nothing is better than dessert after a delicious meal! Do not skip out on a sweet and tasty treat, especially when that treat is the Apple Rustica!


Our Apple Rustica is an eye-catching apple tart topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and our signature tequila caramel sauce.

Let us know if this is your new favorite dessert after trying it!!!

May 13, 2023


National Fruit Cocktail Day

All we hear when they say National Fruit cocktail day is PINA COLADAS! You can either attempt and make your own or drive to your closest San Miguel and let our expert bartender prep it for you!

Are you ready to drink a refreshing fruit cocktail this May 13, 2023?

*Disclaimer: We have more flavors, we just think the pina colada tastes amazing!

May 13, 2023

Randye Rockwell_1_cleanup.jpg

Mom Deserves San Miguel

Take a moment today and wish all the powerful and amazing mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.


Even better gift them the gift of San Miguel! Take them out to drink a margarita and enjoy their favorite meal. And of course, you have to buy them cheese dip!


We look forward to celebrating them with you on their special day!

May 14, 2023


International Family Day

Family is always there for you.


Today we honor International Family Day and we hold our loved ones closer. Remember that family does not solely include those related by blood but also those related by heart.


We hope everyone has a great day surrounded by their family.

May 15, 2023


Orange you glad we have Mimosas!

Rise and Shine... It’s Mimosa Time


Rush on over to San Miguel for your refreshing glass of mimosa And celebrate National Mimosa day! Orange you glad that we now have mimosas on our menu?


Pair it with one of our favorite brunchy meals: Huevos al Gusto or Chilaquiles!

May 16, 2023


National Caterers' Appreciation Day

On May 24 we take the time to appreciate our catering team.

We appreciate the hard work that our catering team puts in every day to ensure that the orders are delivered hot, correctly, and on time! Thank you to all our customers who have allowed our catering to grow.


If you have not tried our catering service you are definitely missing out! Give us a try today!

May 24, 2023

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